Managing your schedule on the go

This article explains how to use YAROOMS Mobile to check and manage your upcoming schedule.

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1. Schedule overview

2. How to cancel and edit your bookings

If you want to learn how to book a space with YAROOMS Mobile, read this article.

1. Schedule overview

Open the YAROOMS Mobile app to see your schedule overview (1). It is available for:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Later

The schedule overview is displayed by location. (1) So, if you want to check your schedule in another office building, press the menu selection on the top left corner (2), go to "Change location" (3) and select the name of location. You'll see what bookings are awaiting for you there.(4)

upcoming bookings-1 change location new location

2. How to cancel and edit your bookings

To cancel or edit your reservation, press on the booking and tap the options button (5) on the top right.

If you choose to cancel the booking, the system will ask you to confirm your decision. Once confirmed, the reservation will be deleted from the overview.

Press "Edit" if you want to change time of your booking or add additional details to it. (6) Don't forget to save your selection. 

edit booking details