How to book rooms, desks, and parking lots

This article explains how to use YAROOMS Mobile app to reserve a desk, a meeting room, or a parking lot.

Booking a space with YAROOMS Mobile

Open your YAROOMS Mobile application and press on the pink + sign on the bottom right corner. Select what you need (1):

  • Meeting room booking
  • Desk booking
  • Parking lot booking

Then, pick the location, the floor, the time of the booking, and specify the room/desk/parking lot amenities you need. (2) Press "Next". You will receive a list of spaces matching your criteria. (3) Pick one.

Continue the process by specifying the precise booking interval and adding additional details (if needed). (4) If you are booking a meeting room, there's also an option to invite attendees.

Press "Book now" to finalize. Your new booking will appear in the schedule overview.

The example below illustrates a meeting room booking process.

book a room location room rooms matching criteria finish booking

If you are looking for information about managing your schedule and canceling/editing bookings, read this article.