How to create an approval workflow

This article explains how to set up an approval workflow in YAROOMS

If you are looking for more information about the workflow functionality, read this article.

How to create an approval workflow

Currently, YAROOMS workflows support 6 triggers: booking created, booking updated, booking canceled, booking  check-in, booking check-out, booking no show. You can set up approval workflows for 3 of them: booking created, booking updates, booking canceled.

Let's take "if booking is made between 6pm and 9pm, it should require approval from a location manager" as an example.

  • Start by going to Settings → Workflows and press Add+
  • Define the workflow's status, name, and priority.
  • Select the trigger. In this case, it will be "Booking created".
  • Then, define the condition (can be multiple). In this case, it will be "Booking time Start timeIs between6pm; 9pm".
  • Finally, define the action (can be multiple). In this case, it will be "Require approval Location managers". It is important to note that superusers are not the only ones to approve/decline bookings that triggered the workflow. You delegate any user for this task.

Save your selection. Your approval workflow is now set up.

Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 18.13.00

The booking updates will be placed into the approval queue (Workplace → Approvals) of the selected approver. The approver (for example, location manager) will receive a notification.

If the approver confirms the request, a confirmation email will be sent to the booker.

When declining the request, approver can add the reason of refusal. It will be included in the email notification to the booker.