Adding YAROOMS to your Teams sidebar

This article explains how to add or update a packed Teams app provided by YAROOMS.

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1. Create the app

2. Add

3. Update

1. Create the app

Go to Manage > Integrations > Teams > Application, and fully customise the app:

  • Add the app's name, description, and logos in the designated fields.
  • Customize and add new tabs

When you are done, click the "Download application" button. 


2. Add


  • An existing Teams integration.
  • Permissions to access Teams Admin that has an active license for Teams.
  • A Teams sidebar app which can be downloaded from Teams Integration page (Manage -> Integrations -> Teams).

Add the app:


  • Press "Select a file"


  • Select the zip file, provided by YAROOMS, and upload it to the system.

3. Update

  • Locate the YAROOMS app by using the `Search by name` field (the `Custom app` column should have the `Yes` value)


  • Click on the app
  • Click on the `Update` button next to the logo


  • Find and select the provided zip file.


  • Finally, the app will be visible in Teams, left sidebar.


If you are looking for information how to set up a Teams bot, read this article.