Setting up facilities emissions tracking

This article explains how to set up facilities emissions tracking.

The facilities emissions tracking helps your organization more accurately estimate daily emissions related to facilities use, and adjust it with real utility bill information, once this is available.

To set up the facilities emissions tracking for a location, go Settings → Workplace → click on the name of the location you want to activate this for → Modules and activate the “Facilities carbon profile” selection:

pasted image 0

Once active, you can click the “Settings” button on the right hand side of the module to manage the emissions periods and default values for the 3 components of facilities emissions.


Periods can be used to set up different seasons, depending on where the facility is located.
The following 3 components of facilities emissions can be estimated, then tracked: Electricity, Natural gas, and Water.

The default values of the emissions need to be adjusted based on expected real consumption of your facilities.

Once the facilities emissions tracking is configured, the system starts recording emissions according to the estimates for each passing day. These will appear in the Carbon Dashboard in dotted lines:


To generate more accurate daily estimations related to facilities use, you can input energy bill information into the system. Read how to do it in this article.