M365 Resources: Rules & Limitations

Important guidelines and restrictions that Administrators need to consider in relation to the Yarooms-Outlook integration.

Prior to setting up the M365 Resources Integration and initiating the synchronization between Yarooms and Outlook, it is crucial to consider a few important details. These details will help you establish the correct expectations before commencing the process:


  • The integration of Microsoft 365 Resources does NOT have the capability to support Multiple Exchange Tenants. So, if you intend to include another organization in your Outlook integration, with users from a different Exchange tenant, it is crucial to note that this feature is not supported.
  • To enable the synchronization between Yarooms and Outlook, an account Administrator must perform the Resource Mapping. This entails linking each room from Exchange to an existing room in your Yarooms account. Please note that this process is manual and must be done individually for each room.
  • The integration between Yarooms and Outlook does not provide real-time synchronization of both complete environments. Instead, it establishes a bi-directional connection solely for the purpose of managing bookings. As a result, any bookings created in Outlook will be visible in Yarooms, and vice versa.
  • Any changes made to a room in Exchange, such as its name or capacity, will not automatically update in Yarooms. Administrators will need to manually make these changes in their Yarooms account.
  • Once the Integration and Mappings are completed, in the event that one of your employees schedules a booking in Outlook for one of the Mapped Rooms, the booking will be displayed in Yarooms. If this individual does not have an existing user account in Yarooms, the system will automatically generate a  Visitor (non-user) profile for them and designate them as the owner/booker of the event.
  • If you would like to schedule a recurring meeting in Outlook, please be aware that only the first occurrence will be displayed in Yarooms. We recommend creating individual bookings from Outlook instead.
  • When a meeting with attendees is scheduled in Outlook, the Yarooms booking feature will not automatically send out invitations to those attendees. However, if a meeting with attendees is created in Yarooms, it will be synchronized with Outlook, and the invitations will be properly dispatched.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

If a user creates a room booking and wants to add several attendees, does Yarooms have the capability to show the availability of those users before confirming the booking?
No. Yarooms does not have a direct connection with each user's personal Outlook Calendar. As a result, it is not possible to determine the availability of attendees solely from the booking process. 
Yarooms provides the functionality to view the bookings made by a specific user or group of users (Calendar View). However, please note that this only displays bookings made within existing Yarooms spaces and does not consider personal Outlook calendar events.

Is there a way to define specific booking permissions for people who are not existing Yarooms users?
Certainly. As mentioned earlier in this article, when a person creates a booking in Outlook for a room that is linked to Yarooms, they will be added as a Visitor in Yarooms. Administrators in Yarooms have the capability to define the booking permissions for these Visitors.