How to configure workplace services

This article explains what are workplace services and how to set them up.

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1. What are workplace services?

2. How to configure workplace services?

1. What are workplace services?

In YAROOMS, workplace services refers to any kind of shared service or physical resource (from tea & coffee to chairs and monitors) that can be requested when making a booking.

When the user makes a booking and orders a service, a notification is sent to the service owner, who is responsible for providing it.

2. How to configure workplace services?

Start by going to Settings → Services and press Add+.

Define the service in the "Details" tab:

Active - Press "Yes" to make the service available for requests.

Name - Add the name of the service

Type - Select the service type. Shared services can be booked multiple times during the same interval while physical resources have real-time availability.

Allow quantity - If set to "Yes", users will be able to request a specific quantity of the service when making a booking.

Description - If needed, you can add more details about the service in this field. 

Space types - Specify the space types where booking the service is possible.

User groups - Specify the user groups that are allowed to book the service. 

Owners - Specify one (or multiple) service owners who will be notified when the service is requested.

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 13.03.21

Once the service is defined, proceed to the "Locations" tab. Here you can specify in which locations each service is available as well as the service quantity per location. This will help you to make sure that users' requests do not exceed the availability of services. 

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 13.04.13

Save your selection and repeat the process to define as many services as needed.