YAROOMS and Condeco feature comparison

Ease of use

Any new tool will be successfully adopted in the organization only if it simplifies the current processes instead of making them more complicated. No matter how complex your desk booking rules are, the end-user experience should be a breeze.

The YAROOMS user experience receives many great customer reviews and, compared to Condeco, has a higher average satisfaction score on the big software vendor portals, such as Capterra and G2. We know why: both YAROOMS web and mobile applications are intuitive and do not require any prior training - spaces can be booked within seconds even by a first-time user. Moreover, large organizations are offered immediate access to Microsoft Teams add-in to reserve spaces within an already familiar interface.

Here’s what customers are saying about YAROOMS on G2:

  • “The intuitive interface that guides you”

  • “This app is quick and easy. It takes 2 minutes or less to see if a space is available or not and to book.”

  • “YAROOMS is pretty easy and intuitive to use for people at all "tech levels"! (This goes for both the website and the tablet app.)”

Pay for value

The YAROOMS pricing strategy is transparent and based on the value we bring to your organization. We’ll design our all-in-one workplace management solution to accommodate the most peculiar needs of your business. We base our offers on the size and other characteristics of different organizations, and we will never charge extra for secondary factors, such as the region you are based in.

Still working on shortlisting?

Still working on shortlisting?

Compare other vendors (Skedda, Robin Powered) or check out our 7-point-guide on what to consider when choosing a desk booking solution.

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