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For organizing exhibition space and keeping an eye on the organization of an event the YArooms conference room scheduling software system is the ideal solution. Designed as a versatile and easy to use room scheduling package, YArooms provides an efficient method of organizing even the biggest of exhibitions to a fine degree.

Delegating tasks plays a big part in setting up large conferences/exhibitions, so our user-capabilities layering feature will be one of your most valuable assets. Granted that specific people are in charge of specific parts of the event area, you can break tasks down into small and manageable units. This provides not only efficiency, but also accountability. Above all, it simplifies communication needs within your team and lets you do what you do best - cater to the attendees requirements.

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Whether you use YArooms for meeting room management and booking, the purpose it was designed for, or in a slightly different way based on your needs, or you would like to see a different use case presented, we'd love to hear your opinion, so go ahead and drop us an email. We will write a case study white paper based on your insight.

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  • Outlook Integration

    The integration is available as an Outlook plugin for Office versions 2007, 2010 and 2013

  • Mobile friendly

    Our responsive user interface works on all kinds of mobile devices

  • LDAP integration

    Have your users login to YArooms with their LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory credentials

  • iCal export

    Your meetings can be exported in the iCal format to use them in Google Calendar and others

  • Rest API

    Our API is available at request, just give us a ping if you would like to develop for YArooms



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