Always know if you can take an extra booking

Scheduling customers is one thing, but making the business more efficient is another. YArooms, our facility booking software, helps with both.

  • Supercharged Availability Calendar

    Scheduling customers is one thing, but making the business more efficient is another. With our room scheduling system you can easily notice if there is a free spot and fill it with a last minute discount.

  • Categorised appointments

    You can assign bookings for separate categories (e.g.: manicure, pedicure etc) and get a broad view of what’s scheduled for a specific period of time. We strongly encourage appointment-based businesses to do so because the system serves as a …

  • ...revenue-measurement tool

    YArooms shows you what your most frequent services are and which of those are most profitable to your operations.


The YArooms team is responsive and helpful, and has shown a remarkable commitment to incorporate customer feedback in the ongoing improvement of their product.

Nathan Daum

Startup Community Managing Director

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Remind people to visit you more often

YArooms makes follow-ups easier

Remind people to visit you more often

YArooms has a simple interface, and it's easy to use

Shankar Satish


Be Internet of Things ready

Use technology to optimise business processes with our facility booking software

  • Book an appointment on the go

    Book an appointment on the go

    Install YArooms door on any iOS or Android tablet, place it somewhere convenient and manage walk-ins with YArooms in a couple of taps.

  • Display availabilities on your big screens

    If you run a multiple-locations chain, you can access our API and display data from YArooms on display panels or smartboards that run your own software - plot it as graphs, use it to generate predictions and so on.

    Display availabilities on your big screens

YArooms is the perfect solution to our studio bookings. We can book out a studio from the coffee shop or out on the road then invite band members, students or teachers from within the app. So easy. It's very simple to use and any new members of staff understand the system literally within a minute's use. We could ask for any more within a booking system for our studios!

Matt Kelly


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More than 30,000 users from 800 cities chose YArooms

Some companies use the system to manage multiple locations across different timezones. All from one unified dashboard.

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What our clients say

Check out what our customers are saying about our room scheduling system

  • YArooms has a very friendly support team which helped us through the process of integrating it into our daily routines, and the transition was near seamless.

    Everybody in the company loves it, it’s mobile friendly and very usable, which is more than we bargained for.

  • Just a quick note to say thanks very much for all of the hard work your team put forth implementing YArooms for us here at the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. From the start of the deployment your team has been terrific to work with and your knowledge and professionalism really came through in the way our customized site turned out. It really looks great!

  • We are very happy with YArooms. It is very easy to use and getting familiar with the program is a very gentle learning curve. The customer service has been excellent both in response and having a solution. Our people jumped on the program as soon as they knew we had it and use it with ease.



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