Local installation

Have YArooms deployed on-premise

Whether you need your room booking software to be part of your intranet, or the security policy of your company does not allow for cloud software to be used, YArooms Enterprise is the solution you are looking for. We can deploy it inside your organization and assist you through the integration process.

Thousands of users

Scale your room management solution along with your company

Software that deals with thousands of users doesn't have to be hard to use. With YArooms Enterprise, we will help you integrate your existing user base with the meeting room system and keep it updated at all times. YArooms Enterprise is optimized to work with the level of usage that you expect.

Custom features

If you need bespoke features, we're here to help

You can commission feature development from our product team. Your new features are briefed, estimated and then created specifically for your scenario. This is our way of bringing your booking solution as close to your needs as possible, with a fraction of the cost involved in creating a bespoke software solution.

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Why Our Customers Love YArooms

Check out what our customers are saying about YArooms

  • The YArooms team is responsive and helpful, and has shown a remarkable commitment to incorporate customer feedback in the ongoing improvement of their product.

  • Everybody in the company loves it, it’s mobile friendly and very usable, which is more than we bargained for.



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