1. Agreement

1.1. This is a legal agreement between you, as an individual, and Yarooms International SRL.

1.2. The agreement applies only to the campaign “iPad Giveaway” and only for the duration of this campaign.

1.3. “iPad Giveaway” is a promotional referral campaign. Its purpose is to award individuals who refer YArooms to companies/organizations that successfully register under the conditions of this agreement.

1.4. For the purposes of this campaign you consent that YArooms will use your existing personal data (name and email) for contacting you during the campaign.

2. Definitions

When used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the respective meanings as indicated.

2.1. YArooms: generic name for Yarooms International SRL or for YArooms Cloud SaaS.

2.2. User: a YArooms user registered under a valid Company created at least 30 days before participating in this campaign.

2.3. User Link: the unique link each User willing to participate in this campaign will obtain from their personal YArooms account.

2.4. Company: a YArooms paying customer that purchased any of the available plans and has a customer lifetime of at least 30 days; the YArooms account under which the User is registered.

2.5. New Customer: an individual/legal entity that signs up with YArooms by means of a User Link and purchases an annual plan.

2.6. Campaign Completion: a period of three months after the New Customer purchase.

3. Rules and Conditions of the Promotional Campaign

3.1. Any User willing to participate in this campaign can distribute their User Link at will, through any means and channels of choice and for as many times as wanted.

3.2. A new entity signing up with YArooms qualifies as a New Customer only if they complete the sign up process after accessing a User Link. An entity completing the sign up process after directly accessing the Sign Up page by landing from another referral URL will not register for this Promo Campaign.

3.3. A New Customer is eligible for Campaign Completion only after becoming a paying customer by choosing one of the annual plans.

3.4. A New Customer that does not become a paying customer (reaches end of trial period) or becomes a paying customer and opts for the Pay-as-you-go plan does not qualify for Campaign Completion.

3.5. A New Customer that has originally opted for the Pay-as-you-go plan and performs an upgrade to any of the available annual plans will not be eligible for Campaign Completion.

3.6. A New Customer that is currently running for Campaign Completion and performs a downgrade to the Pay-as-you-go plan will no longer be eligible for Campaign Completion.

3.7. As per currently implemented GDPR rules all of a Company’s data will be deleted 20 days after the account was closed. If a User with New Customers running for Campaign Completion is registered under a Company that decides to close their account with more than 20 days before a Campaign Completion is reached, the User will be disqualified from the Promotional Campaign.

3.8. YArooms will notify the User via email each time their User Link was used for a sign-up to a paid annual plan and when a New Customer changes their eligibility status for Campaign Completion.

3.9. When a New Customer reaches Campaign Completion, YArooms will contact the User and award them with an Amazon eGift Card in value of $300.00 to be used by the User for the iPad purchase from any Amazon store.

3.10. A User can refer up to 3 New Customers. Any New Customer in excess of the 3 will not be eligible for Campaign Completion.

3.11. Usage of multiple User accounts by the same person is strictly prohibited and discovery of such usage attracts automatic exclusion from the Campaign.



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