All of your organisation's aggregated booking information is available here for segmentation and CSV export.

This section is accessible to administrators and supervisors. To get here, they can click on the “Reports” button in the left hand side menu.

The reports aggregate information from all of the meetings scheduled by the organisation's users and allows for advanced filtering on that information. The available data can be exported to CSV files for further processing with programs like Microsoft Excel.

You can filter your meetings data by:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Room
  • Booker
  • Booker's Group
  • Title
  • Status (cancelled/ not cancelled)
  • Meeting Type
  • Invitee Email
  • Booked Resources

The selected columns and filters remain active even if the user navigates away from the page. When the user returns to the reports section, the filters will be prefilled with the last selected value.

The listed meeting titles from reports are linked to the meetings' details screen.

This list of meetings also includes cancelled bookings, so you can extract cancellation reports. Also, meeting room financial reports can be extracted using this tool, as rooms and resources can be defined with cost and income to facilitate keeping track of the financial usage of the meeting rooms.

The available columns in reports are:

  • Meeting (title)
  • Room
  • Type (type of meeting)
  • Private
  • Description
  • Booker
  • Booker email
  • Booker group
  • Location
  • Timezone
  • Date
  • Start (start time)
  • End (end time)
  • Created
  • Updated (last update)
  • Hours (no. of hours)
  • Attendees (no. of attendees)
  • Att. names (attendees' names)
  • Att. emails (attendees' emails)
  • No. resources
  • Resources
  • Recurrence (type of recurrence)
  • Cost
  • C. Room (cost with room)
  • C. Res (cost with resources)
  • Income (generated income)
  • I. Room (income from room)
  • I. Res (income from resources)
  • Checked-in (if paired with YArooms Door app)
  • No show
  • Profit
  • Cancelled (yes/no)


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