Main schedule views

3 schedules to rule them all

YArooms offers 3 different calendar views with different amounts of information contained by each one. These are the monthly schedule, the weekly schedule and the daily schedule.

You can see screenshots of the views below:

meeting room manager monthly view

meeting room booking system weekly view

room booking system daily view

On the monthly and weekly schedules you can switch between summary view (which shows the number of meetings and occupation in each cell) and the meeting list view, where you can see the list of meetings in the cells. Do this by clicking the "Show only meeting summary" or "Show meeting details" links in the bottom of the page.

meeting summary on monthly view

Below is a screenshot of how the summary view looks like on the weekly schedule.

Meeting summary on the weekly view

On the daily schedule you can drag the bottom slider to navigate through times of day or use your scroll or trackpad in both directions.

In all of the calendar views, the following controls are available:

  • Top calendar to navigate between months/weeks/days
  • Export your calendar information of the current month/week/day by using the “Export iCal” option
  • Use the print view to generate the list of meetings in printing format

meeting calendar navigation

Each calendar view includes only the meetings from the current location, which is shown in the top-left corner of the calendar. You can switch between locations by clicking on the location's name.



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