Booking meetings

Book a meeting via the "Quick book" pop-up or by defining advanced meeting details.

In order to book a meeting in YArooms, click on the "+" symbol from the bottom-right corner of a cell in the monthly or weekly schedule, or directly on a time slot of the daily schedule. Next, there are two paths you can choose:

a. Use the Quick Book pop-up to define the basic information on your meeting and click on the "Book" button to create the meeting in your calendar. To make the meeting private (hide its details from users who are not admins/room owner/attendees) simply click the eye icon next to the meeting title.


b. Click on the "Advanced" button from the Quick Book pop-up and define more details for your meeting, including the way the meeting reoccurs, invitees, or booked resources.


To create a recurrent booking, you can click the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen (Add recurrence +). A new set of options will appear, along with a preview of how the meeting will repeat.

The options specific to recurrent meetings are the following:

  • Recurrence type: daily, weekly, monthly by day, monthly by week day (e.g. third monday of every month)
  • Exclude weekends: yes/no (except for the weekly recurrence)
  • No. of repetitions: how many times this meeting occurs; the maximum number of repetitions is 100. If a meeting occurs for more than that, we advise you to create a new one for better performance.
  • Repetition interval: in some cases you need the meeting to repeat every 2, 3… weeks, instead of every week.


After the save button is clicked, depending on your level of access, your meeting will be directly booked into the room schedule or a meeting request will be submitted to the room owner to approve or decline the meeting. The user that created the meeting is the only one seeing it on the schedule while the meeting is pending, while the room owners, or supervisors, see the meeting request in the "Approval queue" section.


Editing / Cancelling meetings

In order to Edit/Cancel a meeting you have to be one of the following: administrator (can edit/cancel any meeting), room owner (can edit/cancel meetings in their room), booker (can edit/cancel meetings which they originated). Pending meetings can also be cancelled before approval is granted/declined by the appropriate person.

After the meeting title is clicked in any of the calendar views a pop-up will appear, giving the user three different options.

quick book edit cancellation

The Details button displays all the details associated with the meeting in question. They cannot be modified directly. The Edit/Cancel options are available at this level as well.

meeting details

The Edit button displays the details associated with the meeting, which can now be altered by the user. The Cancel option is available at this level as well.

edit meeting

The Delete button will activate a prompt double checking if this meeting should be cancelled. If the meeting is part of a recurrence chain there is an option to delete either the single recurrence or the entire chain.

deleting meetings       deleting recurrences



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