Approval system

How to take full control of the way meetings are booked in your organisation.

The approval system in YArooms allows for great granularity when defining which rooms a user has access to. It allows to specify if a user has access to book a room, and if they require approval before publishing the meeting. Rooms can have owners that are notified when a new meeting was booked in their room to take action (approve or decline the booking).

The "Approval queue" section is the place where a user can see all of the meetings that require approval in his rooms. This section can be accessed by clicking the "Approval queue" in the "Schedule" menu. It is only visible to room owners and supervisors or administrators.

The list below explains what queue each type of user sees:

  • Admin and Supervisor - all the pending meetings in all of the rooms
  • Normal account - only the pending meetings in rooms under his ownership*
  • Viewer - no approval queue is displayed for this user type*

*You define normal users/ viewers by assigning them to groups with various degrees of acces rights. For details on how to do that, see below or go to Manage Users.

The approval queue is just like any list in YArooms with filters on the top and checkboxes on the left so you can apply bulk actions to more than one entity.

By clicking the meeting title the user navigates to the meeting details screen where the meeting can be changed, approved or declined. If a meeting is declined you have the option to provide a reason for this, which will be sent to the person requesting the meeting via an automated e-mail notification.

Approval queue

When a meeting request is created, before the meeting is approved or declined, it doesn't appear on the schedule. The only user that can see it on the schedule is the user that created it while the meeting is pending. A pending meeting will highlight this status on the meeting details page.

Approval queue - meeting pending

Defining room ownership

When editing a user, in the "Room ownership" section you can select rooms that a user is owner of. Users receive booking notifications for those rooms and can approve/decline and modify all meetings scheduled in the room. In the example below, the user has ownership over the room named "The Cave". All of his other permissions are inherited from his group, "Auto Group #1".

The "Grant access" tab, on the Edit User Group page, allows to define granular access for custom-made user groups. For instance, by checking the box under the "Requires approval" flag, any booking the user makes in that room will need to be approved by one the Room Owners, Admins or Supervisors. If you wish to give a user view-only access, make sure you uncheck both the "Can Book" and "Requires approval" boxes.

Upon approval, the following things happen:

  • a notification is sent to the booker
  • the meeting appears in the calendar to all users
  • the resources are booked (if the meeting has booked resources)
  • the invitation emails are sent (if the meeting has attendees)
  • if the meeting is recurrent, all the occurrences are created

When declining a booking, the following things happen:

  • a notification is sent to the booker with the reason for declining
  • the meeting request is deleted




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