Manage users with access to the meeting room booking system

This section can be accessed by clicking the "Users" link in the "Manage" section of the menu and it is accessible only to administrators. This is the central point of user and access rights management in your account and it lists all the users, allows for new user creation, invites ("Invite users") and batch import ("Import users"). This is where you can access the User Groups settings as well, by clicking on the "Manage Groups" tab.


Like any list in YArooms, the users list can be filtered by using the fields in the table header. 

Every user account can be edited by the administrator, on click.

The users can be deleted, suspended or unsuspeded by selecting them with the corresponding checkboxes on the left and choosing the desired action from the bottom dropdown. You also have the option to export your user list as a .csv file by clicking the button located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Creating a new user

First you need to click the "Add user" button on the list page. You will land on the "Add user" page.

Add booking software user

On this page you enter the basic information of the user: first name, last name, email and password. The email and password are the credentials that the user is going to authenticate with.

The lower section deals with access rights and it is comprised of the group selector and room ownership list. The group you select here defines what access rights the users is going to have. For more details on groups, click here.

In the "Room ownership" field, you can select rooms that the user is owner of. Being owner means that he will receive booking notifications for those rooms and he can also approve, decline and modify any meeting scheduled in the room.

The location is the user establishment usually and also the default location the user sees after authentication. The rest of the fields are user preferences. Time format is used throughout the application and the default schedule screen offers the choices monthly, weekly and daily. If it is left as "Default" then the global organisation setting is used.

After adding a user, the admin has the possibility of automatically sending an email to the newly created account with the credentials for authentication. This email can be skipped if desired.

User groups

In YArooms, the granular access to rooms is achieved at the User Group level. A user group is an entity that defines access rules and cancellation policies for an entire group of users. Each user needs to belong to a group.

To access the User Groups section, click on Users in the left menu and navigate to the "Manage Groups" tab. You will be presented with a standard YArooms list that is sortable, showing the existing groups.

tablet service accounts

All YArooms accounts have 3 system groups (Administrator, Supervisor and Tablet Service Accounts) which can not be edited or deleted. 

  • Administrator is by default the first user created upon registration, but there can be any number of admins by assigning them to this group. They have access to the management section, where they can create rooms, locations, resources etc. Also they can modify any user's meetings and access billing information.
  • Supervisor is a special type of user that has access to all of the rooms and can modify any user's meetings. They do not have access to the management section or the billing information.
  • Tablet Service Accounts is a role meant specifically for pairing only with the YArooms Door Tablet app. It has administrative abilities as far as your room signage tablets are concerned. It can set-up a door signage tablet and pair this with a specific room and it can book / check-in / no-show / extend / end meetings directly from the YArooms Door app. This type of user cannot be used in the YArooms WebApp as it is intended solely for tablet management.

Add booking software group - access

The "Grant access" tab of the group edit page helps you define the granular access for users belonging to this group. Each row in this table is an association between the group and a specific room. Each association can be done with the following flags:

  • Can book - the user does not only see the room, it is also able to book it
  • Requires approval - if Can book is activated, by checking "Requires approval" you ensure that each booking done by a user of this group will need to be approved by an supervisor or room owner.

On the "Details" tab of the group edit page you can also define the "Cancellation policy". For example, a group may not cancel their own bookings 24 hours before the meeting starts. We call this behaviour "Cancellation policy restricted 24 hours before meeting start".

NOTE: This restriction does not apply to room owners.

Importing a list of users

Access the import screen by clicking the "Import Users" tab on the users list.

Import room booking software users

The import works with CSV files. The file containing the user information has 4 columns: first name, last name, email and password. Only the basic information is required to create a user via the import facility.

On the import screen, you will be able to choose the type of user that applies to all of the imported rows, the location, then upload the CSV file containing the user information. An example CSV file can be downloaded from this page to use as a reference.

The CSV file to be imported doesn't contain any headings, all the rows in it are user rows.

After clicking "Preview import" a list will be generated with the information in the CSV file. If any rows contain invalid information, they will be highlighted on this screen and you will need to amend the invalid rows.

If everything is OK you can click "Proceed with the import" to create the users with this information.

A checkbox is available to avoid sending the registration emails to the newly created users if this is not desired.

Invite multiple Users to use YArooms

There are 4 ways of adding users to your YArooms account:

  • By inviting them one by one (see above)
  • By creating a Register Page for them (described here)
  • By importing a CSV with their credentials (see above)
  • By bulk-inviting them to join your account

To invite multiple users, simply go to Manage > Users, click on the "Invite Users" tab and then:

  • Select the group they should belong to (you can change this later)
  • Assign them to their default location
  • Paste the list of emails (one per line) you wish to send invites to
  • Hit Send Invites

YArooms will handle everything else - your users will go through the same process they would have if you had invited them one by one.



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