Meeting rooms

The place where you define your meeting rooms along with access rights and ownership.

The section can be accessed by clicking the "Meeting rooms" link in the "Manage" section of the menu. It is accessible only to administrators.


Like any list in YArooms, the meeting rooms list can be filtered by using the fields in the table header.

The rooms can be deleted by checking the corresponding checkboxes on the left and choosing the "Delete" action from the bottom dropdown.

Creating a new room

After clicking the "Add room" button the user is taken to the room creation screen. The 3 tabs that make up this screen are: "Details", "Grant access" and "Compound room".

On the "Details" tab the basic information of the room can be set. This includes Name, Capacity, Location, Room owners, Room image, Cost/hour, Income/hour and Color.

The capacity of a room is purely informative and will be displayed in the booking process.

The cost & income information can be used in the reports. By setting cost and income for an hour of room usage, the reporting tool will be aware of this information and aggregate these metrics in the report. The financial information is optional.

The color and image will be present on the schedule screen so when a room will be chosen for booking the user will know how it looks like, or will be able to find out information about it through color coding.

The "Room owners" field is the reverse of the "Room ownership" tab on edit user. You can select room owners for the room in question.


The "Grant access" tab is the reverse of the same tab on the user groups section. Administrators and Supervisors automatically have access to the room, since they belong to a system group, while other users can be selected to see this room in their schedule.

The access can be view-only, with booking activated and also with the require approval flag.


Compound Rooms

In YArooms you can use modular rooms that can be split into different standalone rooms. To do so, you can define a "compound room", which is a big room made out of at least two simple rooms.


By defining a compound room, the following things will happen on the schedule. Let's suppose we created Room ABC made out of Room A, Room B and Room C

  1. When booking Room ABC, all the rooms from A to C will be unavailable to book during the compound room meeting
  2. When booking Room A, Room ABC will not available to book since part of it is occupied
  3. The monthly and weekly schedule views will show a Room ABC meeting in all of the other rooms as well
  4. The daily Schedule will block out the unavailable time slots in child rooms



In the check-in tab you can activate the check-in function which is paired with a tablet where you have installed the YArooms Door app. This effectively allows your users to check into meetings within the specified grace period. If this option is activated and nobody checks in then the room automatically reverts to an available state and it can be booked by other users.




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