Accessing YArooms

There are two different ways of accessing your account on YArooms and they are slightly different, we will explain them below.

1. Using the personalized subdomain

The safest way to access your YArooms account is by following the link of your registered domain (e.g. On that page you will see an authentication form where you can enter your email and password to use the meeting room booking software.

Depending on the way the account was set up, you can also login with your network credentials, username instead of email, only if the LDAP/Active Directory integration was set up by one of the account administrators.

2. Using the login page on the main site

The main site ( also has a login page where you can enter your credentials, but in the case your email address is registered as a user with more than one YArooms accounts, is better not to use this form. The reason for this is because the login form on the main site will always try to authenticate you against the first account it finds.

Forgot your password?

If you don't remember your YArooms credentials you can recover your password by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page. Then you will be guided through the password recovery process.


If the administrator of the account has chosen to activate the registration page, on the same account specific login page you should see a "Create new account" button that you should click. If the administrator did not set up an account for you, you can do it yourself by using the form on that page.



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