Setup YArooms Door


YArooms Door works brilliantly with ProDVX APPC-10DSQPL smart digital signage solution. On top of the features readily available on all other supported devices, the APPC-10DSQPL can pull room status information from YArooms and modify the ambient light accordingly - yellow for Awaiting Check-in, green for Available and red for Occupied.

Below you can find instructions on how to install and configure the YArooms Door Android app on the ProDVX APPC-10DSQPL 10 inch tablet.

1. Obtain the YAroomsDoor.apk and the LED.Server.v1.3.apk files

The ProDVX APPC-10DSQPL tablet is designed for room signage, because of this, access to the Play Store is not available out of the box. Manual installation of the APK file will be needed. To obtain the APK file of the latest version of YArooms Door and the APK that controls the LED lights of your tablet you can email [email protected] anytime.

2. Install the APK files

On the desktop press the Apps button (the 6 dots button in the middle of the toolbar) to show the apps list. Open the "ApkInstaller" app.

Once opened, select "Install", then USB Memory, then select the YAroomsDoor.apk file you uploaded on the USB memory stick.

After it has been installed, select the LED.Server.v1.3.apk file you uploaded on the USB memory stick and install that one as well.

Once the install is finished, press Done and then the Home button of the tablet to return to the Home screen.

3. Configure APPC-10DSQPL to use LED lights with YArooms

You will now see the PhoneServerDemo icon on  your screen. Open the app and let it run in the background. Then open the YArooms app.

4. Activate the LED lights on your ProDVX tablet

In the YArooms door app click the Settings icon (the wheel located in the bottom left corner). Input the credentials for an Administrator account and log-in.  Scroll down to the Extensions item and input the following into the right-hand field:


Click close and you are all set.

For information about the YArooms Door app you can check out its help page.



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