YArooms Door Tablet App

The YArooms Door tablet app acts as an extension of your YArooms account. It displays existing bookings and can create new ones.

YArooms Door is available for Android tablets and iPads and can be downloaded from Google Play/ Apple App Store. You can find links to them in your account under Manage > Integrations.

YArooms Door uses an admin account to communicate with your YArooms account. You can use one account on as many tablets / apps as you wish. To learn how to set up an admin account, please refer to Management > Users.

Setting up

To set up a tablet, download and install the appropriate app and log in with the Administrator Account created before. The setup guide will ask you to choose a location and a room that will be assigned to the tablet.

Booking a meeting

If a meeting is already taking place in the room, you can click on the + sign in the lower-left corner to create a quick booking - this will be assigned to the tablet’s user in your reports section. From here, you can select your start and end times, choose your preferred day and give the meeting a name.


If the room is available right away, the main screen will display a button stating “Enter now” which defaults the meeting start time to the current time. Everything else remains the same.


Checking on upcoming meetings

To see upcoming meetings, simply swipe right when on the Main screen. You will be taken to a list of bookings that are scheduled to occur.


The list defaults to the current day, but you can check on the next days’ availability by clicking on the directional arrows at the top of the screen.

Check-in setup

If you typically hold a lot of meetings and need to reduce no-shows, the check-in feature is something you should enable. To do so, travel to Manage > Integrations in your YArooms account (logged-in as an Administrator) and click on “Check In from Tablet”. Set that to Active and choose your “Grace period” - the time period after which the room is automatically cleared and the booking cancelled if nobody checked-in.


Checking in

If the Check-In feature is enabled, your tablet app will display a “Check In” button once the meeting starts. All your users need to do is click on it. Check-ins (or lack thereof) can also be viewed in your Reports section.


Room States

YArooms Door shows your rooms’ status using 3 colour codes: Green if it’s unoccupied, Orange if it’s awaiting check-in and Red if it is currently booked.

  • Available
  • Waiting for Check-in
  • Occupied

Extending / ending a meeting

If your meeting lasted less than expected or needs to be extended, you can modify its end time from the tablet app - choose the appropriate action on the default screen (End Now, +15min | +30min | +1hr) and YArooms will take care of the rest.

Extra Settings

You can change your app’s settings at any time by clicking on the gear icon in the lower-left corner.


The app will ask for your credentials before moving forward.

From the following screen, you can:

  • Change the room assigned to the tablet
  • Hide meetings’ names
  • Hide bookers’ names
  • Hide the next meeting from the main screen
  • Disable booking from the tablet
  • Change the time format




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