Public access

The Public access feature allows the users to connect to your YArooms account without having an user. 

If it is activated, a new 'Sign in as a guest' button will show up on the login page which will take the user directly to the schedule, without registration.

Setting up the Public access is simple, first you need to create a user in the Manage -> Users section. All the users who will log in as a guest will have the new user's access rights. Next, go back in the Public access tab within the Global settings, set the 'Activate public access' option on 'Yes' and choose the newly created user in the 'Public user is' selector.

After clicking 'Save' the 'Sign in as a guest' button appears on the log in page and your users will be able to connect as guests.

NOTE: Be aware that users making bookings through the Guest user account will not be able to delete the meetings they book, if they should decide to do so. These meetings can be deleted only by administrators or room owners (if they reside in the room they are in charge of).



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