Microsoft Outlook plugin (legacy)

The YArooms Outlook add-in is designed to facilitate booking YArooms spaces when creating appointments or meetings in Outlook.

The add-in can be downloaded from the Integrations page (Microsoft Outlook add-in) of your YArooms account and it is compatible with Microsoft Outlook versions 2010, 2013 and 2016.

How it works

You only need to authenticate once with your YArooms credentials in the Outlook add-in's interface and Outlook will remember your credentials for future use.

If you are authenticated, when opening an appointment or meeting window in Outlook, one or two new buttons will appear in the toolbar:

Outlook Integration - New buttons

Room Booking

By clicking this button, a new view of the appointment becomes available where you can see the rooms in the YArooms management system and their occupation. You can select a time slot by clicking on the grid, clicking other bookings for details, or changing the date or location to navigate through the data in YArooms.

If a room booking is created along with an appointment, it will be remembered by Outlook and automatically modified or cancelled when you modify the appointment or meeting it belongs to.

Cancel Booking

This button is only visible if a space booking for this meeting or appointment was already created. By clicking the button only the room booking will be cancelled and not your Outlook appointment.

Booking Recurring Meetings/Appointments

Recurring appointments or meetings can not be booked straight with room bookings in YArooms because of the difference in how YArooms and Outlook handle recurrence.

To book recurring appointments the following steps can be taken:

  • Book a recurring appointment/meeting without booking a room in the YArooms tab
  • Double click a specific occurrence in the calendar
  • The following question will appear: "This is one appointment in a series. What do you want to open?"
  • Select "Just this one"
  • Now the "Room booking" tab can be clicked to add a room booking to that specific occurrence

Booking in Shared Calendars

The room booking functionality only works for appointments/meetings created in your personal calendar. The "Room booking" button of the Appointment window appears as disabled when an appointment/meeting is created in a shared calendar. This is due to a limitation of shared calendars.

If an appointment with room booking is required in a shared calendar, the best approach is to create a meeting request in your personal calendar and invite others that can add it to their own calendars.


To update the plugin to a newer version, first uninstall the old version. In order to do this, close Outlook and go to “Add or remove programs”. You should see a program called "YArooms Outlook Addin". Press uninstall and then you can install the new version.


1. The YArooms tab does not appear after installing the add-in

  • In Control Panel, go to "Add/Remove programs" and make sure the "YArooms Outlook Addin" program is installed. If not, please run the installer again.
  • In Outlook click the File tab, then choose Options on the left
  • In the newly open window choose the "Add ins" tab on the left
  • In the bottom of the tab select "Manage: COM Add-ins" and click Go
  • In the newly open Window make sure the "YArooms Outlook Addin" is present and checked

2. The "Room booking" button is disabled

  • Make sure the appointment/meeting is not created in a shared calendar. Please see the "Booking in Shared Calendars" section above.
  • Make sure the user with which you are logged into YArooms in Outlook is the same user that created the original YArooms booking. If the user has changed in the meantime it may not have access to the Room booking functionality.


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