Mac Calendar iCal Integration

Via the iCal feed export

This tutorial assumes that you have completed the creation of an iCal feed and you have the feed URL at hand.

1. Open the Mac Calendar application (or iCal) and select "New Calendar Subscription" from the File menu.

Mac Calendar Integration - iCal feed

 2. In the overlay that appears paste the iCal feed URL and click Subscribe.

Mac Calendar Integration - Enter URL

3. Enter a name for the calendar subscription, then select 5 minutes as the Auto-refresh interval and click OK.

Mac Calendar - last options

Upon completion, a new calendar will appear in the left sidebar and the events will be imported. Every 5 minutes, your calendar application will load new events from YArooms and keep your calendar up to date. If the calendar location is left as iCloud and you have other devices (like an iPhone or iPad) synchronized with your account, these events are also be vizible on the device and reminders will work.



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