External calendar integration

With your calendar of choice

YArooms lets you connect external calendars so that your YArooms schedule is visible from other calendar applications like Google Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook and Mac Calendar.

To set up an external calendar integration you first need to let YArooms know what you want to share with the external application. Since all data in YArooms is private and can not be read by anyone on the Internet, the first step is to create a secret URL that you will use to share data between YArooms and the external calendar application.

1. Navigate using the left menu to Manage -> Integrations, or directly to the Integrations page if visible:

External calendar navigate

2. On the next page click the Manage Feeds button or the title of the section referencing public iCal feeds. YArooms uses the iCal standard format for distributing calendar information to third party software, that is why the channel to be used is an iCal feed.

External calendar ical feed

3. On the next page click the "Create new feed" button in the bottom right of the screen and the following window shall appear:

External calendar add

There are three types of iCal feeds that you can set up in YArooms, they are explained below:

  1. Personal calendar - this option exports only the meetings where you are invited as a user or by email
  2. Location calendar - this option exports all of the meetings in a particular location; after you choose the option, you will have to choose a location
  3. Room calendar - this option exports all of the meetings in a particular room; after you choose the option, you will have to choose a room

By using the options above you can create all kinds of feeds depending on what information you are interested in showing inside other applications.

After clicking Continue, you can enter a name for your feed and click Create. A new row will appear in the table containing a URL on the second column. This is the iCal Feed URL that we need from now on. We will use this in the external applications we want to publish to.

External calendar list

Next Steps

Reference the following articles for application specific iCal feed consumption:

  1. Instructions for integrating with Google Calendar
  2. Instructions for integrating with Outlook
  3. Instructions for integrating with Mac Calendar app
  4. Instructions for integrating with Office 365 Calendar




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