My account

The manage account page available to all users to edit their basic information in the room booking system.

In this section, each user can define the basic information of his personal account, like name, time format (Military time, AM/PM), default schedule view (Daily schedule, Weekly schedule, Monthly schedule, Organization default) and first weekday (Monday, Sunday, Organization default).

my account details

The password of the account can be easily changed on the  "Change password" tab. The old password will be required if a password change is be done.


Notifications for this particular user can be turned on and off from the Notifications section. The default setting is the one chosen by an Admin from the Global settings. Choosing YES/NO will override the Global settings. These changes will not affect other users. They can also choose to mute/unmute all the notifications in one go by using the Mute all option at the bottom of the list.

my account notifications





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