Global settings

Settings that apply to all users of your organization

The "Global settings" page can only be accessed by administrators. From here, you can define organisation-wide settings as well as manage several user registration settings.


You can change the name of your organization, but if you want to change the domain name you were assigned when you created the account you will have to contact us at [email protected].

global settings


From this section you can change the following settings, which will apply to the entire platform.

  • default screen (the screen automatically displayed when a user opens YArooms);
  • default time format (you can toggle between military time and AM/PM);
  • default meeting (the duration suggested automatically when making a booking);
  • granularity (the length of the minimum bookable time slot);
  • first weekday (you can toggle between Sunday and Monday);
  • show pending meetings on schedule (this will display all meetings, including those still waiting for approval).

global settings schedule

If you turn on the pending meetings option, your users will be able to see how many concurrent requests exist in a specific timeslot (by going to "Daily View") and decide for themselves if they should rethink their schedule so it doesn't overlap with other people’s schedules.


From this section you can choose to turn on/off certain types of notifications, which will apply to all the users that have the „Default” setting turned on in the Notification tab of their own user accounts. You can also choose to mute/unmute all the notifications in one go by using the Mute all option at the bottom of the list.

global settings notifications

You can:

  • mute invitation emails (invitations to all the attendees of an approved meetings);
  • mute booking creation notification (notifications sent to admins/room owners/creators when a meeting is first created);
  • mute booking changes notifications (notifications sent to admins/room owners/creators every time a meeting is edited);
  • mute booking cancellation notifications (notifications sent to admins/room owners/creators every time a meeting is cancelled either by its creator or an admin);
  • mute booking notifications sent one day before the event (reminders that the meeting will start in one day);
  • mute booking notifications sent one hour before the event (reminders that the meeting will start in one hour);
  • mute notifications received as resource owner (notifications sent to the resource owner every time that resource is paired with a meeting)
  • mute notifications received as room owner (notifications pertaining to activity in the room that the user was made in charge of)
  • mute notifications received when attendees accept/decline invitations (notifications sent to the creator regarding attendee activity).


As per Data Protection legislation provisions you are entitled to assign a Data Protection Officer (DPO) from within your own company, by entering their email address in the field provided here.

This person will be notified regarding all data protection information and queries.




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