The billing section is where all the account's financial details can be changed and where the billing history can be found.

The section is only available to administrators and it contains information about the current billing plan of the organisation and monthly fee.

Billing - dashboard

If no billing details are entered we will not be able to charge for your month-to-month usage, that is why, closing the end of your trial, the system will instruct you to update your billing details. To do that, on this page you will be guided through the following steps:

  1. Update your billing info - where you enter the company details on the second tab
  2. Enter your credit card - an overlay asking for the details of your credit card

After these steps are finished we will be able to charge the credit card you have entered with the outstanding amount for a certain month.

Billing - credit card

On the third ("Usage") tab you can review the usage recorded by YArooms for the past billing period. Your monthly bill's value depends on this usage.

The last tab ("Invoices") shows a list of past invoices. Every month, a new invoice is generated one day prior to the actual charge on your credit card.




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