YArooms Enterprise - Robust, customisable and fast

YArooms is a simple and effective room booking solution that eliminates overbookings, can be integrated with a business’ existing software infrastructure but is completely independent of it.

  • Built for busy organisations

    Our Enterprise clients are Law Firms and Legal Offices,
    corporate offices, Public Sector and Government Institutions, Hospitals and Universities.

  • Completely self-contained booking engine

    YArooms does not depend on external calendaring or event management systems (e.g.: Google Calendar, MS Exchange). It can be integrated with a business’ existing infrastructure, but it is designed to function on its own.

  • Granular Permissions

    Traditional businesses are built around hierarchies or “roles”. YArooms’ users can be grouped according to their roles and permission requirements, granted access to a set number of rooms and more.

  • Conflict and overbooking resolution engine

    YArooms is, at its core, a booking conflict management system - as such, it can help administrators, receptionists and room managers handle booking issues with ease. Overlapping bookings (same room, same time) are not possible.


About our Partners

Here are some of the verticals our partners operate in

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Built for performance. Customisable for convenience.

YArooms is a modular system designed to worked perfectly as it is. But that does not mean it cannot be adapted to match your client's precise requirements.

Built for performance. Customisable for convenience.

Your team has also been extremely accommodating to us with making updates and revisions to the site so we could get it set up perfectly for our needs and we really appreciate all of your efforts. Most important, our students love it because of how easy it is to access and use.

Timothy Fehmel

Facilities Manager

Technical support covered by us

Do what you do best - we can handle everything else for you

Intrigued ? Find out more about YArooms

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Brandable Sales Materials

Everything you need to present YArooms to your prospects

Brandable Sales Materials

Overall, Yarooms have been very attentive to our needs and very thorough in all aspects of the consultancy, build and deployment. They've been incredibly helpful and really have gone the extra mile to ensure that
we have a system that will fulfill our needs now and into the future. I would have not hesitation in recommending them to any other other Organisation.

Finian Scallan




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