How YArooms Enterprise differs from YArooms Cloud

  • Dedicated Deployment

    Whether in the cloud, or on-premise, each YArooms Enterprise system is deployed in a dedicated infrastructure. As such, your data is 100% isolated and contained.

  • Custom Development

    YArooms' modularity comes with an important side-benefit – the system can be enhanced with business-specific features that we can develop on request.

  • Scalable Infrastructure

    Scale your room management solution along with your company. Integrate your existing user base with the meeting room system and keep it updated at all times.

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More than 30,000 users from 800 cities chose YArooms

Some companies use the system to manage multiple locations across different timezones. All from one unified dashboard.

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Book and manage with YArooms Door

All the room management options at your fingertip, right on the room's doorstep

As with all YArooms accounts, Enterprise comes equipped with the YArooms Door app. Being device agnostic, the app can be installed on any tablet of your choice. Mounted on your conference's room door, it's an easy-to-use, versatile tool, that shows the room's status, allows you to book directly, check-in, extend your meeting, and much more.

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  • See other meetings in the room
  • See The Room's Availability In Real Time
  • Book the meeting room if it's free

Designated Account Manager

A single point of contact who can take care of all your business needs in relation to YArooms. Get prompt and accurate responses for your queries. Direct access to YArooms' support team guaranteed.

Why Our Customers Love YArooms

Check out what our customers are saying about YArooms

  • The YArooms team is responsive and helpful, and has shown a remarkable commitment to incorporate customer feedback in the ongoing improvement of their product.

  • Everybody in the company loves it, it’s mobile friendly and very usable, which is more than we bargained for.



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