Your Business. Our long-term commitment.

Following the latest relaunch of YArooms and the updated pricing model, we felt that we could do more than offer a state-of-the-art meeting room booking system.

So we’ve taken an extra task upon ourselves. To give our current and future clients the tools they need to not only hold their meetings, but also host them. Conduct them. And make them pay off. After all, that’s why meetings exist in the first place - to clarify a set of problems, to establish an agreement or to shape a decision.

Meetings sound important and complicated - and while they are the former, they don’t have to be the latter. We know how difficult it can be to find that specific word that turns negotiations on their head. How crucial it is to have a strong and intelligent Office Manager when you’re knee-deep in meetings. How your Office Manager loses sleep over how to best allocate resources and supervise the teams.

And we want to help.

Starting today, we’ll be publishing 1 new article each week.

We’ll talk about negotiations and how to best conduct them. We’ll look at techniques you can use to lead a discussion in the direction you want it to go, what the right attitude is when it comes to discussing a deal and much, much more.

For the Office Managers reading this, we have something for you as well. A a second line of materials, ranging from People Management to Dealing with Stress and Tools which make your jobs easier. Because your skills and well-being can tip the scales in the business’ favor. And, despite that, you’re often overlooked by the media.

There are two more categories of interest:

  1. technical updates
  2. a secret one, which will feature less posts than any of the others. But will probably be the most entertaining, as it offers a new perspective on how software should be used and how it is used.

We’ll send you quick-response surveys. These will allow us to provide you with interesting data on how certain industries perform, what their basic needs are and so on. Information you can then use to analyze your marketing strategies and better conduct your business.

Why do all this? Why not stick to software?

Because we owe it to you and to ourselves to out-perform ourselves. To last in any kind of business, you need to offer something extra, something that your competition doesn’t. We know that, you know that - but knowing isn’t the same as doing. We’re doubling our efforts so that you, in turn, can double your own. Our growth depends on yours just as yours depends on ours. Ultimately, though, we do all this because we can - and why not do good if it’s within your grasp?

Back to the point - stay tuned for next week! We'll talk about some of the most useful negotiation techniques and the people who made them popular.

Until then, drop me a line at [email protected]. I’d love to hear your suggestions for the knowledge-base we’re building.

And don’t forget to follow us on twitter.

Adrian, MO, YArooms

Written on Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014



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