YAROOMS Update – Summer Edition

YAROOMS Update – Summer Edition

We’re keeping the ACs on and our energy high. It might be hot outside, but not as hot as the latest features we added to YAROOMS. So hang on to your hats or put on your sunglasses and let’s see what’s new!

My Reports

Getting customized reports from your favourite room booking software just got easier. No longer will you have to fill in all the data you need in the reports section. Add your columns, select your filters, save the report as a template under the brand new My Reports section and you’re done. It’s going to be ready to run anytime you need it. More free time to go get an ice cream? Yes, please!

Real-time reports

So far, YAROOMS has been using Historical Reports, that is, if you renamed a location/ room/ user, the change would have been visible in the reports only after editing the meetings pertaining to that certain entity. Basically, you’d only get information available at the last save.

That’s no longer the case. Because now real-time reports pull data straight out of the required tables. Ta-da! Information as fresh as a daisy! The option is available to administrators, and can be found under the Reports section.

Fallback notifications to administrator

This new type of notice is specifically designed for administrators and it will send them notifications about rooms that do not have an owner. Now you can be up to date with everything that happens in your office space.

You can toggle this notification’s settings by going to My Account –> Notifications (if you’re an administrator), or to General Settings –> Notifications (to change settings for all users).

Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

We fixed some bugs, we made some adjustments to improve the software’s appearance. We tinkered a bit with the time zones, we mended some small issues with the attendees. Everything is in its place, looking pretty. However, if your keen eyes notice anything out of place, feel free to message us and we’ll get right on it!

See you at the next update!

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