YArooms Update

YArooms, the meeting room booking software pioneer, has released an upgraded version of the product, with new features that enhance the user experience. This release brings together updates that cater to the needs of small and big companies alike, taking into consideration the fluidity of the room booking process, together with other attributes that simplify user on-boarding.

Main upgraded features at a glance:

  • Check availability of other rooms and time slots in conflict resolution modal window

  • Cancel meetings from quick book view

  • Select type of meeting in both quick and advanced book view

  • Set workplace schedule at location level, for each day of the week

  • Enhanced available room search, depending on the search location schedule

  • Conflict resolution system enhanced with attendees collision check to ensure those invited to a meeting haven’t already agreed to participate in an overlapping meeting

  • (Un)mute all notifications checkbox

  • No-show column in Reports section

  • LDAP group mapping in YArooms

  • Tablet Service Account group that enables the existence of tablet-only users

One of the trademarks of YArooms is its powerful conflict resolution system. This has been further boosted through the attendees collision check feature that ensures that meeting invitations cannot be sent to users (including guests) that have already accepted another invitation for the same time slot. This feature guarantees that the meeting’s attendees are all available per YArooms calendar. Moreover, the conflict resolution modal window now offers the option to check the availability of other rooms and time slots when there is a room booking conflict due to overlapping meetings, with those unavailable marked as such.

The quick book modal window has also received an upgrade, ensuring that now meetings can be canceled without having to enter the advanced modal window or the editing view. Furthermore, both the quick book and advanced modal windows now have a field that permits the user to select the type of meeting for improved access to information regarding the meeting.

The workplace schedule can now be set at the level of the location and for each day of the week, providing companies with multiple locations across various time zones more flexibility in setting the room booking time slots. This new change also takes into consideration the possibility of a change in the workplace schedule, enabling a prompt that will let users know if a future meeting will be left out of the workplace schedule and asking them to delete it.

Searching for an available room has now become easier with available hours being dependant upon the current schedule of the location in which the search is made. Since many workplaces have different start and end times depending on the day of the week, the search box will take the min start and the max end within the selected time interval, rending the user aware of the complete available time span. Moreover, blocked days and dates are excluded from search results. This ensures minimum time spent when booking a meeting room, enhancing individual and company-level productivity.

Two other features make life easier for office managers and YArooms users alike - the (un)muting of all notifications checkbox and the no-show column in the Report section of the software. Admins can now quickly mute and unmute all notification with the adding of a new checkbox enabling this. Other users can also mute all notifications, by choosing between three input values, ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘Default’, with the last one switching to custom notifications.

Another update benefits those using LDAP connections that can now use LDAP group mapping. This means that when LDAP is activated, a newly created LDAP user account in YArooms will automatically belong to the group that corresponds to the LDAP one.

Amidst YArooms software features, tablet integration has been topmost. It was only natural that an important upgrade will take into account the creation of a Tablet Service Accounts group which is now available. This is a new special role meant to be used only on YArooms Door, with users belonging to this group having administrative abilities in the Settings section, while also being able to book, check-in, mark as no-show, extend and end meetings. These user permissions are only available for YArooms Door, not extending to the webapp.

Alongside the above, a number of other features have been added, while others have received significant upgrades. Together, all these updates ensure a comprehensive room booking software experience, guaranteeing an increase in productivity and a decrease in time spent dealing with bureaucratic issues.

Adriana, Comms. Officer

Written on Thursday, 08 Nov 2018



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