YArooms Outlook Add-in Update

Are you experiencing problems with your YArooms Outlook Add-in?

Due to a recent update of the Windows 10 operating system, an incompatibility arose in connection with the older versions of the YArooms Outlook add-in. We apologize for the inconvenience and we strongly recommend that you update the add-in to the latest version, which can be downloaded from the Integrations section of your YArooms account. You should proceed with this operation regardless of the operating system you are currently using.

To upgrade the add-in you will first need to remove the older versions from your computer and after that you can proceed with the installation of the latest version. You can read more on the subject by going to the following link: https://www.yarooms.com/help/external-integrations/microsoft-outlook-add-in

Alex Ion, Sales and Support Specialist

Written on Wednesday, 04 Jul 2018



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