Welcome to the new YArooms

A while back we launched the beta version of YArooms. Its main feature? The complete overhaul of the user interface. By writing this, we officially announce the immediate availability of the new version as final, the launch of this new and beautiful presentation website, and this blog where you will find relevant content for the meeting industry and updates on the YArooms software suite.

We are very proud of the new YArooms web application which works well across most of your devices, from desktop computers to tablets and phones. It all happens due to its responsive design that easily adapts to many types of screens. The reason we first thought to make YArooms responsive was not because it's hip or trendy. But because maintaining different native versions of the same application is difficult and it makes it hard to develop new features. Or even keep them at the same level of quality. For more information about the new version, visit our tour page.

This new presentation website is launched today, along with a completely new price approach to YArooms. In the past few years, getting the pricing right has been a struggle. However, we think we finally got it. The best way of pricing YArooms is a "pay as you grow" manner where you only pay for what you used at the end of the month. This means you pay for the number of future meetings in that month. This may sound complicated now, but I'll go into more details in the following post, explaining this new pricing model and what benefits it brings you.

I am keen on getting your feedback on this, as well as on the new website - to do this, drop us a line.

Dragos Badea, General Manager, YArooms

Written on Thursday, 13 Nov 2014



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