Top 11 Uses for a Meeting Room Booking System

Just in case you are not entirely sure whether YArooms is what you need, give these articles a quick read.

Ours is a versatile app. Despite its intended purpose, we have clients coming in and finding novel ways to reinterpret the software and use it in ways that surprise us.

Back when YArooms was launched, we had a simple goal - reduce and eliminate double bookings. It was an issue not properly addressed at the time and, judging by how YArooms has been growing, we are doing a good job at solving this problem. And more - a couple of months ago, we discovered (through our in-app chat system) that one of our clients had been using YArooms to manage their equipment roster. And not the one associated with some meeting rooms they had in their facility - no, the rooms in YArooms were repurposed as machines, with resources reimagined as "parts".

Another client, this time a serviced office space, used the reporting system to generate usage-based invoices. Far less a creative leap, but still further from what we originally had in mind.

So we took it upon ourselves to document as many use cases as possible. This will hopefully achieve 2 things:

1) Allow interested parties to better assess whether YArooms is what they're looking for

2) Help us identify how to best meet our client's needs 

As a bonus, eager and hungry startups might spot an opportunity for developing a new platform altogether, based on our findings. So here's a list of all the use cases we've encountered up to now:

1) Basic, broad use cases for YArooms

2) More specific use cases

If your organisation doesn't fit any of them, please get in touch and let's see how else we could "hack" YArooms and see old features with fresh eyes.


Adrian, MO, YArooms

Written on Wednesday, 27 Apr 2016



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