Software Usability

The key to a good product is its ease of use. A clean, intuitive interface that guides the user throughout the entirety of its functionalities is most desirable. But what fuels this frictionless journey is often invisible background programming. That’s how YArooms is built as well. Solid, tidy, fluid.

Choosing a new piece of software to use can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Implementing it in the company’s daily procedures is even trickier. There are steps that you can take to alleviate the bitterness of change, but it’s of tremendous help to have a good product from the start. Here’s why YArooms is the best choice when selecting a room booking software.


1. Multiple Integrations

To reduce the back and forth between the arsenal of tools one uses at the office, YArooms works with your existent provisioning infrastructure. Moreover, you can sync it with your calendar of choice. So you won’t have to learn anything new. The only thing that changes is the fluidity of your daily schedule.


1.1. External Provisioning

LDAP, ADFS, SSO, SAML. A bunch of short acronyms, a tremendous help for YArooms users. If you can spare the time, reading on these protocols is fascinating. If not, here’s a short summary of what they do.

With the help of the first two, the users in your domain will be able to login to YArooms with their network credentials, instead of an administrator having to create accounts for everyone. SSO enables users to log in using Google credentials. The main advantage of SAML is that it allows a user to authenticate to YArooms with the company credentials, without giving YArooms access to these credentials.

In a nutshell, the external provisioning allows the exchange of information between the service provider (YArooms) and the identity providers (LDAP, ADFS, SSO, SAML). This way, you can log in with any credentials you please (well, almost any, they still have to be valid).


1.2. Calendar Integrations

Most of us are already used to using a calendar like iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Office 365. It goes without saying that YArooms is prepared to connect to any one of these, making your schedule visible inside these applications.


2. Multi-platform software

The 21st century has us always on the road, so the software we use must be able to join us everywhere. In this day and age, there’s simply no other way.

YArooms is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, be them smartphones or tablets. The software is optimized to offer a smooth user journey, regardless of the device used.

Plus, the YArooms Door app enables its users to use the software right from the doorstep of each room. The app is device agnostic, so you can install it on any tablet of your choosing (iPads, Androids, Kindles, or IAdea). With YArooms Door you can see the room’s availability in real time, book a meeting in an instant, or see upcoming meetings at the flick of a finger.

Maria C., Comms. Officer

Written on Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019



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