Reinforcements arrived!

It's been a wonderful journey, starting YArooms from scratch, on the late summer of 2010 as one of the many "first entrepreneurial endeavours" ranging from games to communities, which never got out of incubation.

YArooms did get out and along with it I experienced my first SaaS, my first sales interaction, the first customer, my first partners, the first failure, the first 24h job, the first MRR, my first company, its first employee, our first office, and found many of my limits.

All these milestones took YArooms from idea to 1000 B2B customers over 2 products, building a fantastical knowledge of the office automation space as its main asset.

The next steps for YArooms look amazing, we are building on the knowledge we gathered, creating a new smart offices suite like no other. I don't want to hold YArooms back with my time spread over multiple projects, that is why I entrust the continuation of our vision and the delivery of the new product suite to Marius Sandu, a very good friend, but most importantly, someone who knows YArooms in and out as a long time member of the team (3rd employee).

My role with the team will continue in a strategic position as board member and business consultant.

Dragos Badea, General Manager, YArooms

Written on Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018



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