I am coming back with details on the new pricing model, as promised in my last blog post. 3 years ago when we first launched the paid YAROOMS application. At that time, the application was free for almost a year while it was in beta and we were researching the market.

Our first approach to payment was using predefined plans, but this quickly turned out to be a bad choice, as our signup rate dropped very quickly and people didn’t even have the chance to try the software - they found it expensive. The plans were based on the number of rooms and users an organization would have and if a client was just above the plan limits it caused them to feel that they were paying for something they did not use, which was true.

Trying to improve our customers’ satisfaction (and conversion rate), we switched off the plan approach, going for a sales approach where clients would contact us and our sales team would find the most suitable price for them, based on the same metrics, rooms and users. While this increased the conversion rate a lot and many customers felt they are well taken care of, it popped the occasional “no way I am paying that much for your software”, which made us wonder: Why are some of our customers very happy with the price they are paying, while others find it prohibitively expensive?

The answer to the question above was gained by doing a deep analysis on the profiles of each of these organizations, both happy and unhappy, which revealed a very interesting information: The value of the YAROOMS booking software for a customer is NOT linked to the number of users the customer has, but to the number of meetings that they manage.

This is why we have decided on taking a yet another approach to pricing, so we can offer you real value, directly proportional with the amount you pay. So if you paid more, it means that you have held more meetings. Also, if you have periods where you don’t use the meeting room booking system at all, then your bill will be zero. We want to help you and your business grow strong. And, aside from what YAROOMS does by itself, we’ve opted for this new pricing model to trim down your costs to the bare minimum.

Pay as you go

The definition of your monthly bill according to the new pricing method is the following: $0.35 EUR for each future meeting that existed in the billing period. That may sound complicated, but it’s quite simple, let me explain:

Each organization has a billing date of the month, let’s say it’s the 18th. On the 18th of November we will invoice all meetings that start after the 18th of October. That’s it. This includes meetings that start in December, if they were created prior to the end of the billing cycle (18th of November), so you could look at YAROOMS as a meeting hosting service.

If you are already a customer, paying by the number of rooms and users that you manage and you find the new pricing offer more attractive, just send us an email on [email protected] and we will change your monthly plan.

For new customers, we hope you will find YAROOMS as useful and enjoyable as the rest of our clients and that being priced in this SaaS manner will make it grow along with your businesses.

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