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We sometimes get asked if YArooms is constantly being updated or if it’s a stable system. To this we say - why not both?

In the tech world, if you aren’t moving, you stop being relevant. That’s why we’re one of the few meeting room booking platforms that employ Docker. This allows us to run on a broader array of OSs, which means if you choose a locally-deployed Enterprise package we can probably run it on the OS of your server. But I digress - we’re always developing new features, testing the life out of them, and then deploying them to our cloud clients. At no additional cost.

Two such new features have to do with how you can view your calendar and how you can manage your resources.

Consumables as Resources

Until recently, booking coffee or pencils with YArooms was rather clunky. Standard resources could only be booked once during a selected timeslot.

Nowadays, all you have to do is create Coffee as a resource, mark it as a Shared Service and you will be able to book it across as many rooms as you wish at the same time.

Display Pending Bookings

By default, your YArooms schedule views only display approved bookings. However, if you want to show everyone what the most requested Day or Time is, you might want to look into displaying your Pending Bookings as well.

To use this feature to the fullest, switch to the Daily view and you’ll see pending bookings as translucent rectangles.

If you have any questions about the above, you can book a 30 minute webinar with me. Just send me an email at adrian [@] and let’s take it from there.

Adrian, MO, YArooms

Written on Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016



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