Meeting Room Hacks Episode 6 - How to boost participation

Creative people go through 2 stages - insanely passionate and productive and then inhumanly lazy. This is due to their hunger for the new, for the unexplored.

By definition, developers belong to this group and, with the rise of tech, project managers have found ways to engage them during boring (but necessary) meetings.

When meetings become too comfy...

Tech startups and big companies alike sometimes hold meetings in a lounge area OR try to make the conference room interesting - an unusual picture hanging on the wall, awards scattered all around, devices spread across the table. We’ve tackled this issue before - any object that could catch someone’s eye WILL do it. You definitely do not want your meeting room to encourage people to lounge around - nor should it follow the fast-food’s industry standards for uncomfortable furniture.

…remove what can be removed

Most meetings can be kept under 30 minutes with no information loss. If you can, switch to a scrum-style meeting and ditch the chairs.

It’s not socially comfortable to stand in front of people and check your phone. It’s not physically comfortable to bring a laptop. Which means you have a captive audience with nothing to do but listen to you (or the person presenting). As a side benefit, the differences between audience and presenter are diminished, so their speech ought to be more natural - because suddenly there’s no seated audience to judge their every move and word.


Adrian, MO, YArooms

Written on Thursday, 14 Apr 2016



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