Meeting Room Hacks Episode 3 - The Rolling Doors

This week’s hack doesn’t involve software or negotiation techniques. Instead, we focus on the office itself and the way its space is distributed.

Today’s office is a complicated beast - it can be analyzed with IoT (internet of things) devices, it encourages people to work standing up and stand up for what they believe in, it functions across timezones and cultures.

A while back, we introduced compound rooms in YArooms. Some of our clients needed to be able to merge multiple rooms into one huge hall. And though we addressed their need, we never fully explored the ingenuity of the concept.

Sliding walls can be a space boon for big offices and startup garages alike. For instance, a startup can drive down their office investment by reusing a chunk of their open space as a conference room. The good people from IkeaHackers provide a good example of how to make the most of cheap parts and a friend with handyman skills.

For big companies, interior designers and architects can point you in the right direction - just be wary that if you want sound-proof sliding doors, a traffic-resistant rail and minimum space waste, professional solutions can be costly. Most systems come with a 10 year guarantee and are built using wood panels, aluminium joints and soft rubber wheels. Some may include sponge-like materials for soundproofing, while others are fireproof.

Have you ever used sliding doors/walls in your building? What are your thoughts on them?

Adrian, MO, YArooms

Written on Wednesday, 23 Mar 2016



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