Manage your meeting rooms’ resources

2 Sep 2015

Well, you could. If you used YAROOMS.

First things first, head here and create an account (no worries, it’s free for 14 days).

Next up, go to Manage > Locations and set up your office’s whereabouts. If your company has offices in many timezones, be sure to edit them accordingly. Here’s what this section looks like on my demo account:

Manage locations

Now let’s create a room (Manage>Rooms) where we could hold some meetings…

Add room

… and some resources (Manage>Resources). You can group them in types.

You can see that each resource has its own cost and revenue. This’ll come in handy later on, when we’ll be analyzing their costs.

You can filter what information you want displayed by customizing your columns.

Based on my report, I can tell that my resources have cost me well over 300 units over the last 3 days. There’s some profit there, but if I wanted to cut costs, I’d know where to start investigating.

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