How to Build a Strong Team

They say “a company is as good as its people”. Sure, that may be right, but it’s a two-way street. People will invest into a company just as much it invests in them. Reaching the top is a joint effort, so here’s what you can do to put together an A-team.

1. Hire well-rounded people. The practice of job rotation has been gaining more and more traction lately. Its benefits are closely related to the latest trend among employees: that of building a career based not on longevity, but on variety. Having this in mind, taking on versatile people, with skills in various domains, might give you a head start in assembling a powerful team. Start with the right people, and you’ve made your life easier.

As well as having an assorted skill set, it’s important that the new hires should be a good cultural fit for the already existing collective. In short, make sure the new people share the same principles (be them work-related or not) with the group. Take into consideration things like work preferences (teamwork vs. individual), sharing responsibilities (being empowered vs. taking orders), availability (flexibility vs. rigid schedules), and so on.

2. Make them feel appreciated. The path to a well-knit team, that runs on trust and supporting one another, starts by ensuring that each team member has a strong sense of self-worth. And how else can you enable your employees to have faith in themselves, but by acknowledging their work? Remember to go through all the team members, regardless of their role. They each play a part in making things run, so they each deserve to receive praise. Showing gratitude can range from personally greeting them in the morning to calling a huge “thank you” meeting.

If you’re more of a doer than a talker and you’d like a more hands-on approach to showing your admiration for your team, you can always ask for their input in regards to the work to be done. Listening to what they have to say gives them reassurance that their knowledge is valued. Plus, it encourages them to contribute more in the future. But you shouldn’t stop at just listening; try implementing their ideas as much as possible. Having their work displayed is bound to boost their self-esteem.

3. Care for them. For people to thrive, they require a proper setting in which to grow. That means having the base of their needs covered. If you’re trying to build a solid team, you must make sure they have what they need. Whether it’s something as basic as office supplies, or more complex, such as healthcare, or a sense of belonging, each member should feel safe and cared for. In addition, everyone should have the opportunity to continuously develop

4. Keep them motivated. Imagine what a motivated person can do. Now imagine what a team of motivated people can do. We’ve talked about the importance of motivation and how it drives all human action.

5. Celebrate your work. Those who work together, celebrate together. Every once in a while, or at the end of big projects, make sure to gather everyone and drink to all of the effort invested. Mark the moment with a company retreat, for example, where, besides commemorating the joyous occasion, everyone can also blow off some steam. For smaller, more regular activities, you can use social media to give praise to each of the employees. It’s easier to do and more personal, so win-win.

Maria C., Comms. Officer

Written on Thursday, 21 Mar 2019



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