Gift card for your thoughts?

Gift card for your thoughts?

We have partnered up with Capterra to celebrate 5 years since our first major update. To mark this, we will reward the first 100 reviewers on the platform with a giftcard. Read on for details.

A lot can happen in 5 years. Self-driving cars, the rise of AI and Machine Learning, a cultural shift in the workspace and more. Our team grew five times. We moved office, expanded our product’s features, diversified our Enterprise offering and our partner roster. But all of this has happened under the bonnet, behind the scenes, below the radar - you get the point. We’re firm believers in the Jobs to be Done framework, and all we’ve done was to achieve one goal: improve your experience in the office. Make meetings go a little smoother, take less of your time to organise and help you focus on what you really want to do. We know we did a good job, as we have some of the most loyal clients on the market. Our plans for the future are focussed on growth, and to achieve them we need your help.

We turn to you, as we have before, with a very simple request - visit our Capterra Review Page, leave your honest feedback and receive a giftcard.

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