Free Meeting Software

You don't always meet face to face with everybody. Here are a couple of apps you can use if you don't want to break the bank.

We've been in business long enough to interact with clients from all walks of life - from NGOs and budding startups to well-known automotive giants. Most of our conversations have been over the phone or online, during webinars, demos and video conferences. We're here to talk about the latter because it took us quite a while to find the app that was right for us. So if you don't know where to start, this is our shortlist of tried and tested free meeting apps:

 The above are better than better for light conferencing and screen sharing in their free versions. Their paid plans add all sorts of useful features like Call Scheduling, calling landlines or receiving calls from landlines, increasing the number of participants and Enterprise Authentication (so your meetings are kept safer than on the Free plans).


Our current favourite is UberConference for its UX, design and great audio/video streaming.


Adrian, MO, YArooms

Written on Tuesday, 06 Jun 2017



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