A case for open-sourcing app components

Regardless of your business, you can never thrive in a vacuum. You need a community to support you but, to get that, it is up to you to support your community.

Over the past few years, our product has grown considerably in user counts and features - just you wait to see what 2016 brings, as we have some awesome integration goodies in store for you. Back to YArooms’ growth - we’re evolving. The app itself is going through changes, under the bonnet and aesthetically.

Our foray into content experiments, UX tests and technology implementations showed us that the best tech companies out there aren’t the ones Unicorns Silicon Valley praises so much. The best tech companies aren’t the ones with quirky offices, private chefs and million dollar valuations (remember YO! ?). No. The best companies are the ones that push forward the industry itself. Those that challenge the limits of what we can do, those that push for less cognitive work on the user’s part, those that reward good behaviour and diminish the time they take to be mastered. Ultimately, the companies which do all those things have one thing in common - they give something back to their community.

The benefits are numerous, starting with faster bug tracking, improved functionalities, a growing number of integrations, increased chances of new, useful apps being developed and ending with the growth of the tech community itself.

Maybe it’s the seasonal cheerfulness, maybe it was something we should have done a long time ago - YArooms components are going open-source. New ones, at least.

We aren’t the only room booking system to use open-source technology - all our competitors do (most tech companies do, actually). But we want to be among the first to open up our code and set it free.

And we’ll start with a JS library your marketing department should find useful. Give it a read on our github profile.

Adrian, MO, YArooms

Written on Wednesday, 23 Dec 2015



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