6 Signs You Need An Office Manager

Starting companies have no need for an office manager. Ordering a pizza and two notepads isn’t much of a hassle. Scheduling one meeting per week is simple enough and doesn’t take much time. But what do you do when you start growing?

Take the list below with a grain of salt - you should still get involved in some of the activities listed here, as it helps you stay in touch with your company and promotes a friendlier environment. You’ll know your team better and have a tighter grasp on your company’s status. The trick is to be able to do it at will, not out of necessity.

Here are the 6 signs that you need an Office Manager.


1. You’ve rescheduled more than 4 meetings this month

The number above might seem arbitrary. Random. But it does not matter - think about what it means to reschedule a meeting. The lost time on email, telephone calls, room clearing/rebooking. That’s at least 3 hours worth of administrative work that prevented you from adding to your bottom-line.

2. You always seem to miss on the details

A missing cable, a piece of software improperly set up, not enough chairs for all members of a meeting, late follow-up emails and many more.

3. Everybody in your company does Administrative Work

Do you have more than one person in charge of administrative work? If that’s not in their job description, you should consider hiring an Office Manager. Let people focus on what you’ve hired them to do, if you wish to move forward in a healthy, steady pace.

4. You’re defocused from your work

You constantly procrastinate searching for new employee perks, proofreading everything you can get your hands on… anything but your work.

5. You handle HR yourself

It’s always good to have the final say in things. Or do some top-level recruiting yourself. But drafting job announcements and filtering/reviewing resumes can take up more time than you’d want to invest yourself.

6. You’re always behind with cashflow

Balancing your company’s revenues and costs is crucial to keeping employees happy and the bussiness running smoothly.

The guys from Plivo have an insightful article on what to expect from and offer an Office Manager and, if you want to see an Office Manager’s opinion on the job description, you can read Kim Rohrer’s (from Disqus) comment on quora. Or Seth Godin’s article on Meeting Fairies.


If you don't have an Office Manager tell us why in a comment, below.

Adrian, MO, YArooms

Written on Tuesday, 14 Apr 2015



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